Watch a Retrofitted Toaster Play Star Wars’s 'Imperial March'

Photography Maghradze PH, Pexels
Photography Maghradze PH, Pexels / Photography Maghradze PH, Pexels

The "Imperial March" from Star Wars has been covered countless times, and those opening notes never fail to sound ominous. As this video spotted by Nerdist shows, that's still the case when the theme is being played by a retrofitted toaster with googly-eyes.

The tinkerer behind the YouTube channel Device Orchestra has recreated John Williams's iconic composition using objects you might find at a garage sale. A toaster isn't built for broadcasting sound, but thanks to the machine's electromagnetic coil, it can be turned into a music-playing device. The toaster in the video is hooked up to a microcontroller programmed to activate the coil at the right time to match the frequency of each note. The result is one evil-sounding kitchen appliance.

Though the toaster is the star of the show, it's accompanied by some additional household items. A typewriter and two electric toothbrushes (wielding adorable glow stick lightsabers) provide backup. There is one major downside to transforming your toaster into a music box, though: It can no longer cook toast, so to make the toaster in the video look functional, the bread was toasted separately and an orange glow stick was added to the device.

Star Wars has one of the most memorable film scores at all time. If you think you know the music from the movie series, test your knowledge here.

[h/t Nerdist]