LEGO's White Noise Playlist Is the ASMR Your Inner Child Needs

Xavi Cabrera, Unsplash
Xavi Cabrera, Unsplash / Xavi Cabrera, Unsplash

The tinkly music of LEGO bricks in a bin is a sound many people grew up with. Now, you can revisit that aural memory anytime you like with LEGO's official white noise album, The Brothers Brick reports.

The LEGO group has reimagined the sounds of playtime as a soothing ASMR playlist. The soundtrack—which is available for free on iTunes, Spotify, and other music platforms—includes seven 30-minute songs, adding up to a total playtime of 3.5 hours. Tracks on the album feature such evocative titles as "Searching for the One (Brick)," "The Night Builder," and "It All Clicks."

The toy company knows that the LEGO experience can't be captured with just a single sound, which is why they experimented with more than 10,000 LEGO elements when composing the playlist. The final audio tracks range from the satisfying sounds of two pieces fitting together to the more soothing, rain-like symphony of a waterfall of LEGO bricks. Whether you're looking for brain-tingling ASMR, relaxing white noise, or a soundtrack for building your next LEGO masterpiece, there's a song for you. You can listen to the full album below.

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[h/t The Brothers Brick]