This Mouthwatering Map Shows Each State’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy

A map that looks good enough to eat.
A map that looks good enough to eat. /

For many people, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to make sure your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them. And if words should fail you for that task, conversation hearts are always there to help.

After analyzing sales figures from the last 13 years, has declared that conversation hearts are the top Valentine’s Day treat in 14 states, from Hawaii to Vermont. The classic candy was, however, bested by heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, which took first place in an even more impressive 19 states. Though it’s hard to argue that assorted chocolates deserve anything less than a blue ribbon, conversation hearts did suffer a corporate setback that likely influenced their retail performance. After the New England Confectionery Company (Necco) folded in 2018, Spangler Candy Company purchased its brand of candy hearts, Sweethearts. But Sweethearts hadn’t made it to shelves by Valentine’s Day in 2019, and distribution was limited for last year’s holiday, too. Whether the chalky confection will triumph over its chocolatey counterpart in the future remains to be seen.


While those two duke it out for the top spot, M&Ms are slowly gaining ground. They were the most popular candy in eight states, including Arizona, Iowa, and Maryland. Hershey Kisses took four states, and chocolate roses took two (Kentucky and Wyoming). In short, chocolate treats overall seem to be the clear favorite across the nation—but there are a few eccentric outliers. Cupid corn (which is basically pink, red, and white candy corn) landed in the top three for a smattering of states, as did candy necklaces and cinnamon bears.

You can view the full results here.