This Is Not a Drill: There’s a Platypus Live Cam at the San Diego Zoo

phototrip/iStock via Getty Images
phototrip/iStock via Getty Images / phototrip/iStock via Getty Images

In addition to being evolutionary marvels, duck-billed platypuses are incredibly cute. Thanks to the San Diego Zoo's live cam, you can see what America's most famous platypuses are up to in real time wherever you are.

According to the San Diego Zoo Kids page, the Southern California zoo is the only one outside Australia that keeps platypuses in captivity. The two monotremes—a male named Birrarung and a female named Eve—having been serving as the ambassadors for their species since arriving in the U.S. in 2019. Prior to that, a platypus hadn't been cared for outside Australia for over five decades. By sharing one of their most unusual species with more of the world, the country hopes to promote the importance of conserving freshwater ecosystems.

You don't need to head to San Diego to see Birrarung and Eve. By setting up a live cam inside their enclosure, the zoo has found a way to share two of special residents with even more people. The crystal-clear water of their zoo habitat makes it easy to spot the platypuses whether they're relaxing on a rock or swimming beneath the surface. You can view the live stream anytime here.

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