For some commuters, the inside of their car may as well be their living room. Rush hour traffic can add hours to their weekly work schedules. Some cities, however, are more congested than others, which prompted fleet management company FleetLogging to generate a list of the world’s 20 worst cities for rush hour traffic.

The methodology is simple: After narrowing their pool of subjects down to 141 of the most traffic-congested cities, the site’s researchers determined how far a person could drive beginning at the city’s center for one hour. The distance was measured both in peak and off-peak times. The number of miles next to each city is how much further one can travel during off-peak hours.

The world's 20 worst cities for rush hour traffic.FleetLogging

Marseille, France winds up being the city with the most significant delay between peak and off-peak times. Rush hour means traveling an average of 22.8 fewer miles than if you waited for traffic to settle down. Lyon and Paris, France came in second and third place. In the U.S., it’s Boise, Idaho, which subtracts 14.4 miles, making it the fifth worst city worldwide (Monaco took the fourth spot).

Here’s a look at other U.S. cities.

The 20 worst U.S. cities for rush hour traffic.FleetLogging

For more city details, including the slowest cities in the UK and Europe, head over to FleetLogging.