In the immortal words of The Troggs, love is all around—and that certainly seems to be the case in this word search. But although each conversation heart bears the letter L, O, V, or E, you’ll actually only find the whole word love once.

After you’ve spotted it (or given up), keep scrolling to reveal the answer.

All you need is love. (But bonus points for 'loo' and 'vole.')247 Blinds

Finding love is the main goal, but there are plenty of other words hidden within the grid, too. Here are some to look out for:

  • Ell
  • Leo
  • Loe
  • LOL
  • Loll
  • Loo
  • Ole
  • Vole

With so many well-organized hearts in a variety of vibrant colors, the word search is a pretty appealing pattern to stare at. If you’re wishing you could, say, adorn your kitchen windows with something similar, you’re in luck. The puzzle was created by 247 Blinds, a UK-based retailer that also carries a custom-sized roller blind printed with the image, with prices starting at about $24.

And if the word search has just given you a hankering for actual conversation hearts, we have good news on that front, too. After a hiatus in 2019 and a glitchy return in 2020, the classic candy has made a full comeback this Valentine’s Day—and even features some classic love song lyrics.


Did you find love in a hopeless place?247 Blinds