Turn Your Living Room Into a Movie Theater With This HD Projector

VANKYO/StackCommerce / VANKYO/StackCommerce
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The future of movie theaters might be a hot-button topic right now, but the desire to watch blockbusters on a big screen isn't. And now, you can combine that theater experience with your favorite subscription service from home, thanks to the VANKYO Performance LED Projector.

The VANKYO LED Projector comes with a full 1920x1080 HD resolution and a 300-inch screen, making it perfect for setting up a matinee outside or projecting a presentation at work. This model has earned a lot of fans for its brightness and contrast, which promises far more detail than a standard 720p projector.

Visuals are important, but you can't forget about the audio. The VANKYO comes with dual stereo speakers to bring the image on your massive screen to life. The set also comes complete with a remote, AV cable, HDMI cable, and carrying case, so you can safely bring it along anywhere.

Versatile digital connectivity makes the projector easy to set up, too. Hook it up to project from your laptop or even a smartphone to stream movies and presentations in just about any type of environment.

You’ll be able to use your new favorite projector for more than 10 years thanks to its ultra long-lasting lamp, and for a limited time, you can get it at a 32 percent discount for a final price of $170.

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