Watch the Best Intermission Entertainment Ever


In the 1950s and '60s, drive-in movie theaters would play intermission reels between shows to keep the crowd entertained and, more importantly, sell a few items from the concessions. A collection of these five to 10-minute videos still exists online over at and offers a delightful taste of summer nostalgia. There’s dancing corn dogs and ice cream bars, ads for things like the “Drizzle Guard” (which keeps your windshield dry without draining your car battery), reminders to go to church, and even a cautionary message to young lovers to keep their public displays of affection out of the theater. Did you forget to wear a tie? Come to the movies in only a simple house dress? Don’t worry. “We’re glad you came as you are,” the faceless emcee tells us. “We just want you to enjoy yourselves.” A good a reason as any to take an intermission.

The entire collection is available here.