Easter Sunday: What's Open? What's Closed?

Most businesses are open Easter Sunday, but there are a few taking the day off.
Most businesses are open Easter Sunday, but there are a few taking the day off. / Peopleimages/iStock via Getty Images

Anyone celebrating Easter Sunday on April 4, 2021 might have some pressing questions. Where did the Easter Bunny come from? (Pagan rituals relating to fertility, which rabbits know all about.) Why do we dye eggs? (Again, pagans.) Will there be plenty of marshmallow Peeps, which were in short supply in 2020? (Yes, but we have concerns about the Hot Tamales flavor.)

Remaining curiosity over Easter is usually focused on what places of businesses are open on Easter Sunday. Take a look at what’s open and what’s closed in this Peep-tastic year.

Are banks open on Easter Sunday?

While Easter Sunday is not a federal holiday, it’s a moot point, as banks are normally closed on Sundays regardless. Banks should keep their normal operating hours both the Friday prior to Easter Sunday and the Monday following.

Is the post office open on Easter Sunday?

Post offices are not open on Sundays, Easter or otherwise.

Are schools open on Easter Sunday?

Schools are not open on Sundays.

Are National Parks open on Easter Sunday?

National Parks keep their own schedules. It’s best to check with the individual park you’d like to visit to see if they’re open.

Are libraries open on Easter Sunday?

Many libraries, like the New York Public Library, are closed on Easter Sunday. It’s best to see if your local library is open.

Is the DMV open on Easter Sunday?

The Department of Motor Vehicles is not open on Sundays.

What businesses are closed on Easter Sunday?

Most business will be open with regular or curtailed hours Easter Sunday, but a number of them won’t be. Sam’s Club will be closed. Costco will be closed. You won’t be able to hit ALDI stores. Target will be closed on Easter Sunday. And so will Publix grocery stores.

Is Walmart open Easter Sunday?

Yes, Walmart will be open Easter Sunday.

Are restaurants open on Easter Sunday?

Privately-owned restaurants will have different hours, but franchises like McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Boston Market, Olive Garden, Panera Bread, and The Cheesecake Factory should all be open on Easter Sunday. So is IHOP. Naturally.