Meet Instagram's Favorite Two-Legged Cat

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Instagram star Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux is not like other cats. Besides being Internet famous, the feline is also missing her two front legs. As her name suggests, when Roux sits on her hind legs, she looks just like a bunny.

The irresistibly cute cat was adopted from a shelter in 2014 by Jackie Deak Akey. She was born without her front legs as a result of a congenital abnormality. According to Akey, the cat has developed a special walk, not unlike a dinosaur.

In fact, that's where Lil' Bunny Sue Roux gets part of her name: Sue is the largest T. rex specimen ever found. Roux on the other hand, is a New Orleans twist on "Roo," because the cat also moves like a kangaroo. 

"When she wants to move quickly or play (her favorite move is to run after and tackle her sister Graybee) she hops with both back legs in unison like a rabbit. She can move very fast when she wants to," Akey told Meowbox. "She has a few favorite toys and picks them out of the toy box herself and flings them around with her mouth since she can’t bat them around."

Understandably, Roux has gotten a lot of attention on Instagram, racking up 50,000 fans in just a month. You can check out the rest of her pictures here

Roux may eventually need prosthetics if the hopping takes a toll on her back. But for now, bouncing around seems to suit her just fine.