Prevent Cyber Hacks and Leaks With This Crowdfunded VPN

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Even if you don’t know anything about the inner workings of VPN cybersecurity, you've probably gathered that it’s intended to protect you while you’re using the internet. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work, and according to a 2017 CSIRO study of 300 Android VPN apps [PDF], 84 percent of them still leaked user data, with much of it going to third-party tracking libraries. One solution is to opt for decentralized VPN hardware and a firewall that doesn't require a subscription.

The Deeper Connect Nano is a more portable version of its predecessor, the Mini, with the same technology that earned it successful funding on Indiegogo. The cybersecurity hardware in the Deeper Connect Nano can secure an entire home or business with a seven-layer firewall to prevent hacking and leaked information. That protects anything in your home that uses the internet, from a laptop to an Alexa-enabled gizmo.

You’ll also benefit from an ad blocker, and you'll even be able to bypass regionally restricted content. And for parents, you can use the system to keep children from accidentally accessing inappropriate content online.

Get your own Deeper Connect Nano at a 33 percent discount, bringing the total down to $200. If owning more hardware has you hesitating, check out these cybersecurity apps.

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