Can You Guess the Band’s Original Name?

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1. Queen

A) Opera
B) Mercury
C) Prince of the Universe
D) Smile

2. Pearl Jam

A) Window Seat
B) Velocity
C) The Strummers
D) Mookie Blaylock

3. Green Day

A) Sweet Children
B) Green Glow
C) The Rivets
D) Green River

4. The Cranberries

A) The Mixed Drinks
B) The Cranberry Saw Us
C) The Shot Glasses
D) The Blueberries

5. Goo Goo Dolls

A) The Sex Maggots
B) The Action Figures
C) The Martians
D) The Mannequins

6. The Cure

A) The Seekers
B) The Answer
C) The Obelisk
D) The Light

7. Nirvana

A) Euphoria
B) Pen Cap Chew
C) Sweater Men
D) Teen Spirit

8. The Beach Boys

A) The Surfers
B) The Pendletones
C) The Summer Guys
D) The Heat

9. Journey

A) Destination
B) The Travelers
C) Traffic
D) Golden Gate Rhythm Section

10. New Kids on the Block

A) Third Period
B) Kid Town
C) Nynuk
D) Harmony

11. Sugar Ray

A) Added Sugar
B) The Wedding Party
C) The Sweets
D) The Shrinky Drinks

12. Simon and Garfunkel

A) Tom and Jerry
B) Paul and Art
C) Shirt and Tie
D) Here and There

13. The Bee Gees

A) The Buzzers
B) The Yellowjackets
C) The Rattlesnakes
D) The Oh Gees

14. Blue Oyster Cult

A) Shell
B) Blue Sky
C) Soft White Underbelly
D) The Shuckers

15. The Supremes

A) The Ladies
B) The High Notes
C) The Primettes
D) The Rockets

16. Van Halen

A) Stagehands
B) Rat Salad
C) Maximum Halen
D) Jumpsuits

17. Nickelback

A) Loose Change
B) Nick of Time
C) The Village Idiots
D) Quarterback

18. The Black Crowes

A) Mr. Crowe’s Garden
B) The Dark Crowes
C) Murder of Crowes
D) The Flying Crowes

19. KISS

A) Tongue Lashing
B) Wicked Lester
C) The Nightmares
D) Monster Mash

20. Radiohead

A) Dialed In
B) On a Friday
C) High Frequency
D) Earpiece

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Answers: 1:D; 2:D; 3:A; 4:B; 5:A; 6:C; 7:B; 8:B; 9:D; 10:C; 11:D; 12:A; 13:C; 14:C; 15:C; 16:B; 17:C; 18:A; 19:B; 20:B