Watch a Big Pile of Lazy Walruses on a Live Video Stream


Every April, Round Island—a rugged spit of land off the coast of Southern Alaska—serves as a sort of "man cave" for thousands of male walruses. While the females are off raising pups, up to 14,000 males gather to pretty much just lie around. And now, thanks to a robotic camera and the wonders of the Internet, we can watch them do just that.

The live cam initially launched back in 2005, but had to shutter shortly thereafter due to lack of funding. Now, with the help of generous grants from and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, it's back to beaming the possibility of hours of endless walrus watching right into your home.

At first, it may not seem like much, watching a bunch of walruses lounge around. But give it a few minutes and the sounds of the waves crashing combined with the occasional lumbering movement of the walruses becomes completely mesmerizing.

The camera runs almost all year, except for the one week that Alaskan natives are allowed to hunt walruses. But you can always check out's dozens of other live cams, including puffins, penguins, and puppies.

[h/t A.V. Club]