This Portable Charger Can Power Four Devices at Once

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Laptops and cell phones are necessities when you need to get things done on the go, but you'll inevitably be tethered to a wall at some point when you need to charge them back up. The CORE Power AC/USB Portable Charger solves this issue by featuring a long battery life and outputs that charge up to four devices at once, allowing you to power your phone and laptop up whether you're commuting or out on a hike.

The CORE Power Portable Charger comes with 27,000mAH to fuel your devices. (For reference, a MacBook Pro 13 packs approximately 4475mAh.) In addition to that power, it features the standard three-pronged AC output, USB-C, and USB outputs. The three output types in one device make the one 2.5-pound device capable of running your space heater in the middle of a campground, charging your laptop during a coffee date, or powering your hairdryer in the car while heading to the office. It also recharges itself completely in less than four hours, so you can plug it in while binge-watching Netflix and have a fresh battery for the next day.

The matte black device is tiny, coming in at seven inches long and four inches wide, and is light enough at 2.5 pounds to stash in a backpack or carry-on bag. The device is universally usable with international adaptors that allow you to power any three-pronged AC, USB, or USB-C device anywhere, and can charge up to three USB devices simultaneously.

The portable CORE Power AC/USB Charger is available for 15 percent off when you use the coupon code MOBILE15 at checkout, bringing the final price down to $170.

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