How Well Do You Know Your Pokémon Trivia?

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1. As of January 2021, how much revenue has the Pokémon franchise earned?

A) $795 million
B) $100 billion
C) $32 billion
D) $2.4 billion

2. The creator of Pokémon was inspired by which hobby?

A) Card tricks
B) Insect collecting
C) Birdwatching
D) Fishing

3. Which episode of the Pokémon animated series was banned after sending viewers to the hospital?

A) Island of the Giant Pokemon
B) Electric Soldier Porygon
C) Electric Shock Showdown
D) Pokemon Emergency!

4. Which Pokémon card sold for $54,970 at auction in 2016?

A) Brock’s Onix
B) Articuno
C) Mew
D) Pikachu Illustrator

5. How many original Pokémon were included in Generation I?

A) 340
B) 99
C) 207
D) 151

6. Which of these isn't one of the official Pokémon types?

A) Ghost
B) Ice
C) Steel
D) Space

7. Pokémon was accused of promoting which illegal activity in a 1999 lawsuit?

A) Gambling
B) Shoplifting
C) Truancy
D) Animal Abuse

8. Which actor has performed in the animated Pokémon movies and the live action Detective Pikachu (2019)?

A) Rica Matsumoto
B) Veronica Tayor
C) Ikue Otani
D) Sarah Natochenny

9. In the animated series, what is the name of the nurse who runs the Pokémon Centers?

A) Nurse Violet
B) Nurse Joy
C) Nurse Jessie
D) Nurse Ann

10. Which Pokémon isn't an evolution of Eevee?

A) Glaceon
B) Leafeon
C) Flareon
D) Lumineon

11. What year did Pokémon Red and Green debut on the Gameboy?

A) 1997
B) 1995
C) 1996
D) 1994

12. In 2016, a Wyoming teenager found what while playing Pokémon Go?

A) A new bird species
B) Her missing sister
C) Buried treasure
D) A dead body

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Answers: 1:B; 2:B; 3:B; 4:D; 5:D; 6:D; 7:A; 8:C; 9:B; 10:D; 11:C; 12:D