Choose From 14 Languages to Learn With a Lifetime Membership to Babbel

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It's never too late to learn a new language—in fact, doing so as an adult has been shown to actually slow brain decline. But instead of traveling to your lessons every week and sitting in class, you can do it all right from the Babbel app, which offers users the chance to learn any of the 14 languages the company provides on your phone.

The Babbel app is all about ease of use. The company's language-learning program was designed by a team of over 100 linguistic experts who analyzed the ways in which we learn languages to find the most efficient way to teach them. And one of the ways it does this is through the use of relatively short lessons.

You can learn languages in more manageable 15-minute chunks, ensuring that even people with packed schedules can stay committed. Users learn at their own pace without having to worry about renewing a subscription or cramming in lessons before one expires. You'll have the freedom of fitting in some short lessons while you wait for your takeout to arrive or downloading lessons ahead of time and listening to them offline while going on a walk.

With a lifetime membership to Babbel, you'll get access to all 14 languages they offer, including Spanish, French, German, and Turkish. Right now, a membership is 60 percent off, bringing the final price down to $199. Learn more about what Babbel offers by heading here.

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