Many classic movies from the 1980s follow a predictable formula. They often star teenage characters (possibly played by actors well out of their teens), and they may feature a dance montage or two. But one of the most distinctive hallmarks of '80s comedies is the bully trope. This video from HuffPost Entertainment pays tribute to the most memorable cinematic tormentors of the decade.

Whether it was set at a high school, summer camp, or on the ski slopes, few places in '80s movies were safe from feathered-haired villains. The supercut below highlights their most maniacal moments on screen, featuring everything from atomic wedgies to corny insults. It covers many classic teen comedies from the era, including Back to the Future (1985), Weird Science (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986).

The video is a glorious reminder of how prevalent movie bullies were 40 years ago—and just how many of them were played by James Spader and William Zabka (who has redeemed himself in recent years with Cobra Kai). You can watch the full compilation below.

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