Got Some Old Socks? A Colorado Company Wants to Turn Them Into Cozy Dog Beds

Dogs can benefit from your busted-up socks.
Dogs can benefit from your busted-up socks. / Lenti Hill/iStock via Getty Images

At the back of every drawer and under every bed lurks the discarded sock. Dirty, stretched, and exposed at the heel or toe, a worn sock is ignored and hidden from view until you realize it serves no practical purpose. In the garbage it goes, eventually making its way to an already overflowing landfill.

But what if a sock could find in death what it never had in life, wrapped around your smelly feet: dignity. That’s the goal of apparel company Smartwool, which has announced they’ll be accepting worn consumer socks, which they'll then grind up and turn into the stuffing for dog beds.

Dubbed the Second Cut Project, the move by the eco-conscious company is intended to reduce sock waste and lower the burden textiles have on landfills. The ultimate goal is to have their products at 100 percent circularity by 2030.

To participate, you can drop off your disgusting used socks at a participating retailer throughout 42 states. (You'll find a complete list here.) Or you can order something from the Smartwool website, and the company will send a pre-paid collection bag with your order so that you can then mail your expired socks back to them.

The socks don’t have to be made by Smartwool; any brand will be accepted, so long as you get them in by May 2. The company plans to have the sock-stuffed dog beds on sale in time for the holiday season. Just do them a favor and make sure your socks are clean first.

[h/t Good News Network]