If you feel a little (or more than a little) anxious leaving the house without your phone, you’re not alone. According to a new survey by Reviews.org, 83 percent of Americans feel the same way. And if you feel a little embarrassed tweeting, texting, or otherwise using your phone while on the toilet, don’t: 70 percent of participants admitted to doing it. (Though you might not want to broadcast that fact.)

Only 1000 Americans adults took the survey, so it’s not a comprehensive study of all smartphone usage in the country. And if you vehemently maintain that you and all your loved ones would never scroll through Instagram on the toilet, we’ll believe you.

But when it comes to identifying general trends, the survey reveals a lot about our collective dependence on our phones. For a staggering 83 percent of survey participants, smartphones double as alarm clocks. So it’s not surprising that 62 percent said they sleep with their phones right next to them; and 80 percent said they look at their phones within minutes of waking up.

Whether or not you check your phone on a date probably depends on the date.Reviews.org

Since smartphones aren’t just a primary means of communication—they're also a method of payment, an interactive map, a search engine, and so many other things—it makes sense that we’d consider them so crucial to our daily functioning. But not everyone thinks that obsession is purely rational; 48 percent of participants said they think they’re actually addicted to their phones. And according to this survey, which asked participants to pull stats from their phone’s screen time report, people check their phones an average of 262 times each day. That works out to about once every 5.5 minutes. The daily screen time average was 3 hours and 19 minutes—more than 50 full days a year.

Dare you open your own screen time report?Reviews.org

You can check out the full survey results here.