The 10 Best Friends Episodes, According to IMDb Ratings

Joey tries to help Monica and Chandler keep their relationship secret during season 5's "The One With Ross's Sandwich."
Joey tries to help Monica and Chandler keep their relationship secret during season 5's "The One With Ross's Sandwich." / Hulton Archive/Getty Images

With nearly 240 Friends episodes filmed over 10 years, even diehard fans (and the show's co-creator) will admit that some are better than others. To find out which ones viewers love most, UK-based retailer ranked them based on IMDb ratings.

Unsurprisingly, the top 10 includes a number of important relationship moments between the show’s two leading couples: Ross and Rachel, and Monica and Chandler. But that’s not the only recurring element on the list below. Let’s just say if your personal favorite episode involves a Thanksgiving dinner—especially one that features a severed toe, beefy trifle, or Brad Pitt—you won’t be disappointed. (And if you haven't seen the show, beware of spoilers ahead.)

“The One Where Everybody Finds Out” // Season 5, Episode 14

IMDb Rating: 9.7

Monica and Chandler’s clandestine romance finally comes to the fore as the friends try to outwit each other in an extended game of “We know they know, but they don’t know we know they know.”

“The Last One: Part 2” // Season 10, Episode 18

IMDb Rating: 9.7

In the series finale, the friends bid adieu to their beloved Greenwich Village apartment, while viewers wait with bated breath to see if Rachel would decide to get off her Paris-bound plane to reunite with her lobster (Ross).

“The One With the Embryos” // Season 4, Episode 12

IMDb Rating: 9.5

While Phoebe’s busy trying to become her brother’s surrogate, Ross hosts a Jeopardy!-esque trivia game to determine which pair of best friends—Rachel and Monica or Joey and Chandler—knows the other one better. What they definitely do determine is that nobody actually knows what Chandler’s job is.

“The One With the Prom Video” // Season 2, Episode 14

IMDb Rating: 9.4

Rachel finally forgives Ross for his hurtful “pros and cons” list about dating her after watching a home video that reveals Ross had planned to take her to prom when her date was a no-show.

“The One With the Proposal: Part 2” // Season 6, Episode 25

IMDb Rating: 9.3

Chandler feigns a lack of interest in marriage in order to surprise Monica with a proposal, which almost drives her straight back into the arms of her ex, Richard (Tom Selleck). Things, as they often do in the Friends universe, end up working out.

“The One With the Videotape” // Season 8, Episode 4

IMDb Rating: 9.3

The friends investigate who first initiated Ross and Rachel’s one-night stand, of which there just happens to be video footage. A certain Joey-created story about backpacking through Europe serves as the smoking gun.

“The One With the Rumor” // Season 8, Episode 9

IMDb Rating: 9.3

This could probably also be called “The One With Brad Pitt.” Pitt’s character is a former classmate of Rachel and the Gellers who, together with Ross, founded the “I Hate Rachel Greene Club” back in high school. Pitt and Aniston were in a relationship at the time of filming, which makes their characters’ animosity extra cheeky. Did we mention that Brad Pitt is in this episode?

“The One With Ross’s Wedding: Part 2” // Season 4, Episode 24

IMDb Rating: 9.2

Rachel rushes to Ross’s wedding in London to confess her feelings for him, while Monica and Chandler begin their fateful fling. Ross says Rachel’s name at the altar, which his soon-to-be wife Emily isn’t too happy about.

“The One With All the Thanksgivings” // Season 5, Episode 8

IMDb Rating: 9.2

The friends flashback to their worst Thanksgivings, which include Monica accidentally amputating Chandler’s toe, Joey getting a turkey stuck on his head, and Phoebe serving as a nurse during the Civil War.

“The One Where Ross Got High” // Season 6, Episode 9

IMDb Rating: 9.2

This is another classic Thanksgiving episode, in which Monica and Ross end up confessing each other’s secrets to their parents—e.g. Monica and Chandler are living together, Ross lost his job, etc. Also, Rachel puts beef (sautéed with peas and onions) in the trifle.