Stay Cool in Your Home Office With a Personal Desktop Air Conditioner

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While the summer has the potential to bring some beautiful weather, there are also those dreadfully hot, sticky days that will have you firmly planted indoors in front of the air conditioner. But even if you don't have the option of central air or a wall unit to cool you down, you can still find plenty of efficient and cost-effective options to combat those July and August heatwaves.

The EvaSMART 2: Personal Air Conditioner is a compact, effective, and highly efficient tool for keeping your space frosty. The sleek design is small enough to fit conveniently in any room, and it comes at a price that won't dry up your funds. This desktop device works by evaporating water in a reservoir and blowing that naturally chilled air into whatever room you set it up in. This technique has other benefits: The EvaSmart 2 also serves as a humidifier, and the machine's antimicrobial filters help purify the air in your room.

The EvaSMART 2 only pulls about 12.5 watts of power when in use, approximately 10 times less than a conventional window unit. You can even control the whole thing via touchpad, smartphone, or through your Alexa or Google Smart Home.

Through Memorial Day, you can take home the EvaSMART 2 for only $162, which is down 40 percent from its usual price of $269. Find out more here.

Prices subject to change.

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