Take Your Food to the Beach and Leave the Ice Behind With This Solar-Powered Cooler

GoSun/Indiegogo / GoSun/Indiegogo
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Enjoying the outdoors this summer doesn’t have to mean breaking your back lugging a cooler full of ice to the beach. Bring more of what you want with you and leave the ice at home with this solar-powered cooler on Indiegogo.

The GoSun Chillest is basically a refrigerator and freezer on wheels, according to the Indiegogo page. All you have to do is charge the cooler's internal battery the night before a trip to the beach or attach the solar panel when you get outside and the Chillest will have your items cool in less than 30 minutes. Since you don’t have to make room for ice in the cooler, you can utilize all 45 liters of space for what you actually want to bring with you. The cooler is split into two temperature zones that you can control with an app, so you'll avoid popsicles turning into liquid and sandwiches freezing into rocks.

The Chillest’s internal battery can keep your food cold on its own for up to 10 hours, but you can also take advantage of a few add-ons to power it for over 40 hours. You can plug the cooler into an outlet, combine the internal battery with the External Power Bank, or mount the Elbow Solar Table to take advantage of the sun. The Chillest also features a cutting board, all-terrain wheels, a bottle opener, internal lighting, organizing baskets, and a pull-out handle.

To receive a Chillest on Indiegogo, you need to contribute at least $599 to the campaign. For $699, you'll get a Chillest with the attachable Elbow Solar Table. Contribute $1149 or more to receive two Chillest coolers. Higher contributions yield more accessories.

GoSun’s Chillest campaign is on Indiegogo with a deadline of June 11, 2021. Shipments will hopefully be going out worldwide in July 2021.

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