This Wireless Cooking Thermometer Lets You Check Your Meat's Temperature on Your Phone

grandriver/iStock via Getty Images Plus
grandriver/iStock via Getty Images Plus / grandriver/iStock via Getty Images Plus
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Even if you're the type of adventurous soul who loves to pair a good merlot with a handful of crispy cicadas, you can probably still appreciate cooking more traditional meats to perfection every single time you put them in your pressure cooker and air fryer. And that's exactly what the AirProbe2 is designed to help you do. This $68 device works with your smartphone to provide you with an accurate temperature reading of your meats while they're sizzling away, which means you can keep tabs on how far along your steak is without even leaving the couch.

The AirProbe2 works wirelessly with your phone through an app, and when the sensors detect that your chosen temperature has been reached, you'll get an alert (that beats setting off the smoke alarm). There are two temperature sensors built into the device, so you'll get a reading of both the food and the cooking chamber. For the best results, it's recommended to use the device with rotisserie cookers, smokers, air fryers, and pressure cookers.


Depending on the environment, just putting the AirProbe2 on its included charging dock for five minutes will give you juice for anywhere from four to 12 hours. To find out more about the AirProbe2, head here.

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