Airbnb Wants You to Spend a Year Living Anywhere in the World You’d Like—for Free

Morsa Images/iStock via Getty Images
Morsa Images/iStock via Getty Images / Morsa Images/iStock via Getty Images

Many people are hungry for a change after staying close to home for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With vaccination rates on the rise, travel is picking up again in parts of the world. If you can't decide on one place to visit this year, Airbnb can help; a contest from the vacation rental company will allow winners to live in Airbnb properties around the globe for approximately one year.

The promotion, called Live Anywhere, is intended for remote workers or anyone else in the position to devote a year to travel. From September 2021 through July 2022, the chosen candidates will split their time between multiple listings included in Airbnb's global network. The company will provide listing suggestions, credit for accommodations, a travel allowance, and local experiences through its service.

In return for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Airbnb asks that its globetrotters report information about their stays. As flexible work models become more common, Airbnb is looking for ways to improve the long-term vacation rental experience for digital nomads. The brand hopes to collect data regarding the ideal types of accommodations for different travelers and resources that could improve their long-term vacations.

Twelve individuals will be selected to take part in Airbnb's program, and each one can bring up to three companions with them on their adventures. You have until June 30, 2021, to submit your application for the contest on the company's website.

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