The Surprising Reason Why There Are No Mirrors in Most Disney World Bathrooms

Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images
Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images / Olga Thompson/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

The Walt Disney theme parks use several tricks to maintain the illusion of being the most magical places on Earth. Nocturnal cats keep Disneyland's mouse population under control, and insecticides keep Disney World in muggy Florida mosquito-free. One of Disney's more clever secrets is hiding in plain sight; in the park bathrooms, you will rarely see mirrors above the sinks. Though this may seem like an inconvenience at first, it's actually a way for Disney World and Disneyland to keep foot traffic flowing.

As Apartment Therapy reports, the lack of bathroom mirrors in Disney properties is an intentional choice on the part of the designers. Like many parts of the parks, the restrooms have the potential to draw long lines. To ensure guests spend less time waiting for a stall and more time enjoying the attractions, the bathrooms are designed for maximum efficiency.

Mirrors above the sinks tempt guests to check their hair, clothing, and makeup when they're done washing their hands. Though these quick checks may only take a few seconds per person, all that time adds up. Without the mirrors, guests are more likely to wash and dry their hands and leave, so the next person can enter and the line can continue moving. Parkgoers may not notice they're being subtly manipulated, but they will notice the short wait times to use the bathroom.

And what if guests do want to redo their hair after riding Space Mountain? The bathrooms at Disney still have at least one mirror, but it's hidden out of the way, near the door. That way, visitors can still look at themselves, but they're less likely to spend all day in front of the mirror when they're blocking the exit.

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