You're Gonna Need a Bigger Toy Chest: LEGO Version of Jaws's Orca Could Become a Reality


The iconic boat from Jaws suffered a violent end—both in the 1975 film and in real life. If a new product idea proposed on comes to fruition, Jaws fans will get the chance to rebuild the ill-fated vessel at home. As Bloody Disgusting reports, a design featuring the Orca from Jaws is one of the most exciting LEGO Ideas submissions of 2021.

This Idea from member Diving Faces recreates many details from the Steven Spielberg movie in tiny, plastic pieces. A set of shark jaws, harpoons, and the yellow barrels used to keep the man-eater near the surface are all included on the LEGO version of the Orca. The three main characters—Brody, Hooper, and Quint—have been reimagined as minifigures. And of course, no Jaws set would be complete without the monster shark from film.

“I spent quite a long time perfecting my build to ensure I could capture every single detail at mini-figure scale,” the designer writes in their pitch. “Although I could probably quote most of JAWS, I re-watched it several times over to ensure I could capture every detail as accurately as possible.”

LEGO Ideas allows fans of the toy brand to submit their concepts for new products online. If an Idea garners enough attention, LEGO considers turning it into an official set that people can buy and build. Many popular sets, like Women of NASA, Voltron, and NASA Apollo Saturn V, took this route to the production line.

A LEGO Idea needs at least 10,000 votes for a shot at making it into the company's official lineup. The Orca design has more than 8000 supporters so far, and there are over 580 days left to attract the votes it needs to become a reality. You can cast your vote for the product on today.

[h/t Bloody Disgusting]