This Ingenious Hack Makes Pitting Cherries Quick, Easy, and Mess-Free

gorchittza2012/iStock via Getty Images
gorchittza2012/iStock via Getty Images / gorchittza2012/iStock via Getty Images

Fresh cherries are easy to find at farmers markets during the summer—but once you bring them home, removing the pits can be less of a breeze. Fortunately, you don't need specialized tools to prep these tiny fruits for eating or baking. If you have a couple of everyday items at home, you can pit cherries in seconds.

According to Rachael Ray magazine, all it takes to pit cherries quickly is a straight straw and an empty bottle. Start by placing the bottom of the cherry on the opening of the bottle. Next, take your straw and poke one end into the top of the cherry.

Forcing the straw through the cherry will push out the inedible pit inside. In addition to holding the cherry in place, the bottle acts as a convenient receptacle for your discarded pits. If you don't have a straw at home, you can use a single chopstick instead. The bottle can be made of glass or stiff plastic, just as long as the mouth is narrow enough to cradle the cherry.

This hack is perfect for prepping fruit for pies, but it can also be useful when you're snacking on fresh cherries straight from the bag. Here are more simple kitchen hacks that make cooking easier.

[h/t Rachael Ray]