Win a Weeklong Safari to Track Gorillas With Experts in Uganda While Helping to Preserve Wilderness

guenterguni/iStock via Getty Images Plus
guenterguni/iStock via Getty Images Plus / guenterguni/iStock via Getty Images Plus
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Going on a safari in Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that many can only dream of experiencing. Omaze wants to turn that dream into a reality with its new sweepstakes that offers one lucky winner a weeklong safari experience to track gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda.

As the winner of this sweepstakes, you'll receive flights to Uganda and stay at Volcanoes Safaris luxury lodges for the next week. During this experience, you’ll be able to track gorillas with expert guides in areas of southwest Uganda like the Kyambura Gorge and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. You’ll also be able to spot other animals like elephants, lions, and hippos in the Queen Elizabeth National Park and go on a guided tour of a rainforest.

You don’t have to spend money to enter this sweepstakes; however, there are different tiers you can donate to for more entries. You can donate $5 for 50 entries, $10 for 100, $25 for 250, $50 for 1000, and $100 for 2000. And if you use the code RADNESS300 through July 9, you’ll receive 300 bonus entries and the potential to win $5000.

All the donations to this sweepstakes help the nonprofit African Community & Conservation Foundation preserve the wilderness and uplift the surrounding communities so people and wildlife can live side by side.

This sweepstakes will close on July 30, and the winner will be announced around August 18. Find out more about the experience here.

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