Choose Your Side With Dr. Squatch’s Limited-Edition Box of Star Wars-Inspired Soaps

Dr. Squatch
Dr. Squatch / Dr. Squatch
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Whether you are part of the Rebel Alliance fighting the dark side or a Sith Lord trying to beat up some Jedi Masters, in the end, you’re going to get tired and sweaty. Now, both sides of the fight can stay clean and fresh with Dr. Squatch’s new Star Wars collector’s box of soaps.

Inspired by the two sides of the Star Wars universe, Dr. Squatch has created four different bars of soap featuring iconic characters from the blockbuster franchise. On the light side, we first have the green Wisdom Wash soap inspired by Master Yoda featuring lotus leaf and kaolin clay. Then there is the Only Hope Soap paying tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi, featuring swirling blue and brown colors rich with thyme and bentonite clay.

The Dark Side Blend hosts a twisted red and black theme inspired by Darth Vader himself. This bar features a smokey aroma, chokeberry, sand, and activated charcoal. Fans of Darth Maul will want to get their hands on the Ruthless Rinse soap bar, which pays homage to his fiery red look and utilizes Dragon Fruit powder and black sand.

All of these soaps are cold-pressed, sustainably sourced, and made with natural oils, meaning there are no harsh chemicals to be concerned about.

The $32 box comes with all four of the soaps, so you can decide which side you want to fight for each time you wash up. So make sure to head over to Dr. Squatch to get your box of Star Wars-inspired soaps or add each one to your quarterly subscription.

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