Keep Reading All Night Long With This Unobtrusive Book Light

BOWIO/Indiegogo / BOWIO/Indiegogo
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There's evidence to suggest that reading before bed can help reduce stress and get you to fall asleep faster (that's potentially good news for bibliophiles who also happen to be insomniacs.) But you might not share a bed with a partner who's as willing to leave a lamp on at night just so you can get through your summer reading list. Instead of begrudgingly going to sleep or sneakily using your phone light, there’s a book light available on Indiegogo that can help solve your nighttime reading woes.

Instead of attaching to one side of your book and potentially covering part of the page (or hanging in front of your face) like other book lights, the BOWIO light strip uses magnetic clips that stay out of your way by fastening to the outside of the cover. Once it's in place, the lights emit from a leather strap that you can situate above the book and out of view. You can control the amount of light emitted with the touch dimmer near the magnet, which also houses the rechargeable battery.

The warm LEDs cast an even layer of light across the pages, and the device eliminates 99 percent of blue light, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your sleep once you're done reading. The BOWIO is held together by a laminated structure of premium Italian leather or vegan leather, polyamide lining, and bonded nylon thread to create an end product that is durable and flexible.

Though this campaign is already over, you can still order your BOWIO light through Indiegogo. There are five different tiers of perks you can choose from. In the Solo Packs, you can choose to get either one BOWIO made from premium Italian leather for $69 or one from vegan leather for $49. The Dual Packs give you two BOWIOs in your choice of colors and leathers. Finally, the Value Pack gives you a BOWIO of each type and all the add-ons available, like a bookmark, a battery charger, and a drink mat. Shipments will hopefully go out in November 2021.

Check out BOWIO on Indiegogo right now.

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