If you’re familiar with the wildly popular trading card game Pokémon, you know that vintage cards from the series can fetch some staggering prices. But one man’s collection may soon help set a new record.

Heritage Auctions is set to present the Pokémon collection of the late Bart Kiser, nicknamed the “Rad Dad” for his work as a radiologist. Kiser, who passed away in 2018, left behind a sizable collection of Pokémon. Along with other non-sports cards, the auction is expected to earn more than $3 million. If it does, it will be a record for a non-sports trading card offering.

Among the treasures Kiser amassed is a sealed Pokémon Japanese Base Set Booster Box, which was released in 1996, two years earlier than the English-language version. The packs held 60, not 36, cards. It’s expected to sell for $40,000.

A Pokémon Unlimited Edition Base Set Booster Box from 1999, also sealed, could go for $20,000.

A rare Pokémon First Edition Jungle Set Booster Box, the second-ever set from 1999, might realize $15,000.

The Rad Dad Pokémon Collection is part of Heritage’s Trading Card Games Signature Auction, which includes Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering cards, among other non-sports offerings. It runs through July 24 and July 25. You can check out the complete lineup on the Heritage Auctions website.