Check Out One of the Largest Star Wars LEGO Builds Ever Created

Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Oli Scarff/Getty Images / Oli Scarff/Getty Images

There are plenty of official Star Wars LEGO sets available to purchase, but they aren't enough for some builders. As Nerdist reports, one dedicated hobbyist pushed himself to the limits of the medium by creating what may be the largest fanmade Star Wars LEGO build ever assembled.

In the video below, builder and YouTuber Richboy Jhae shows off his sprawling creation at the Brick Rodeo LEGO convention in Texas. He drew inspiration from the First Order's Starkiller Base depicted in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Using official Star Wars-branded LEGO products and custom builds, he meticulously recreated scenes from the film.

The front of the model shows General Hux giving a speech to an army of stormtroopers, which was accomplished by using 400 mini-figures. Other sections of the build include the First Order's hangar bay, Hux's command center, and Palpatine's cloning facility. Just as impressive as the scale of the creation are the tiny details. In the hangar scene, you can see a Rey mini-figure hanging off the wall as she hides from stormtroopers.

Richboy Jhae spent two and a half years assembling this masterpiece. The build is so huge that he was only able to put everything together at the LEGO convention, where it was on display for one day. After seeing the model in all its glory below, you can check out more impressive LEGO sets here.

[h/t Nerdist]