Watch Two Owls' Adorable Reaction to a Doorbell Camera

StockImages_AT/iStock via Getty Images
StockImages_AT/iStock via Getty Images / StockImages_AT/iStock via Getty Images

You don't need to be a nature documentarian to capture compelling wildlife footage. As the video below demonstrates, sometimes a doorbell camera and some luck is all it takes.

This clip of a few owls in front of someone's home was captured by a Ring security camera in the middle of the night, HuffPost reports. It shows the two small birds scrapping over a bug on the patio. At more than one point, they appear to notice the camera and stare back at it with round eyes. There is also a third owl rambling through the background, but he doesn't seem to care about the bugs or the recording device capturing his friends' attention.

According to the description from Ring's YouTube account, this video comes from a customer named Lyndsay. Her doorbell camera caught her feathered neighbors the first night after she moved into a new home with her family.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE owls, I have owl decor all over the inside of my home,” Lyndsay told Ring. “These owls had so much personality! They were so wide-eyed peeking at the camera!”

The footage below may be the best case scenario for when wildlife finds your camera. Animals have been known to peck, lick, and nearly swallow gadgets they encounter in their natural habitat. Here are more hilarious videos of animals discovering cameras.

[h/t HuffPost]