Busch Is Brewing Up a Nonalcoholic Bone Broth "Beer" for Dogs

Busch / Busch

Dog owners do a lot of activities with their furry companions, from going on long walks to cuddling in front of the TV. Now, you can show your pet an experience that was previously just reserved for humans: Enjoying a cold can of beer.

As Nerdist reports, Busch's new Dog Brew was formulated for canine consumption. Instead of hops and other components that are harmful to dogs, the alcohol-free "beer" contains only pet-friendly ingredients. Celery, corn, pork bone broth, ginger, basil, and additional spices have been brewed together to make the savory drink. Not only does it taste good to dogs, but the nutrient-packed beverage is good for them as well. Their owners can even steal a sip, but Busch warns that it may taste bland compared to the beer they're used to.

If your dog likes to beg for whatever you're holding, a can of Dog Brew by Busch can make them feel included. Pour the broth—either cold or room temperature, depending on their preference—into their bowl right before cracking open a human beverage for yourself. Dogs who struggle to eat solid food may benefit from lapping up the liquid nutrients as a supplement to their regular diet. Just make sure you don't mix up your cans with Fido's in the fridge, as actual beer is toxic to dogs.

Dog Brew by Busch isn't available in stores, but it can be delivered to all 50 states in the U.S. You can purchase a four-pack for your pup for $15 online.

[h/t Nerdist]