The Simple Way to Share Your Real-Time ETA Using Your iPhone

Let your phone do all the work for you.
Let your phone do all the work for you. / Dean Mitchell/iStock via Getty Images

Receiving a steady stream of “How far are you now?” messages is less than ideal no matter what form of transportation you’re using to get somewhere. It can be dangerous to answer while driving; basically impossible while biking; and liable to anger your fellow pedestrians if you’re walking. Spotty reception on public transit is yet another common issue.

Fortunately for iPhone users with iOS 13 or later, there’s a way to enable an automatic update about your estimated time of arrival so the people at your destination don’t have to ask. As 9to5Mac reports, the feature is part of Apple Maps—so you’ll have to opt for that app over whatever other navigation system you usually use. All you have to do is type in your destination address, start the journey, and swipe up to open the menu at the bottom of your screen. Tap the icon that says “Share ETA,” and then pick a recipient from your contacts. Apple Maps will send a notification to that person with your ETA, and they can watch your journey unfold by opening Apple Maps themselves.

If you’re a staunch supporter of Waze, we have good news: That app has a similar feature. You can either tap the “Share drive” option before you start your trip and choose from your contacts; or you can tap the ETA bar along the bottom of your screen after you’ve already begun your drive and choose “Share drive” from there.

And if you’re headed somewhere familiar with no need for directions, you can also share your location straight from Apple’s Find My app. Open the app, tap the “People” tab on the bottom of your screen, and choose whom you want to see your location. You can always stop sharing it as soon as you arrive.

[h/t 9to5Mac]