Left-Handers Can Make Their Android Phone Easier to Use With a Few Clicks

Lefties, your time has come.
Lefties, your time has come. / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Because roughly 90 percent of the population has a dominant right hand, the world is pretty much built just for them. Things like writing in spiral notebooks, using measuring cups (the metric system is usually facing lefties), and even using a can opener can all befuddle southpaws.

Fortunately, one of the most common everyday tasks—using a cell phone—can get a little easier for the left-handed. If you’re an Android 4.4 or higher user, you can swap your layout so it goes right-to-left.

According to Lifehacker, it’s a simple process. Grab your phone and go into Settings, then select About Phone. Tap Build Number seven times, which will bring up developer options. Then go back to the main settings and select Developer Options, which should now be located just above About Phone. Select it, then tap the box labeled Force RTL Layout Direction.

If everything works, you should now see your phone’s layout geared for your left thumb, with the interaction buttons shifting to the right. Some—but not all—apps may invert, too.

Of course, you may have simply gotten acclimated to using your phone’s conventional layout, which might make a leftie-friendly change a little weird at first. But if you feel like partaking in a little rebellion against the right-handed biases of the world, this is one way to do it.

[h/t Lifehacker]