It Would Take a Lifetime to Solve This 12-Sided, 4800-Piece Rubik's Cube

Fletcher Pride/Unsplash
Fletcher Pride/Unsplash / Fletcher Pride/Unsplash

Few toys have caused more headaches than Rubik's Cubes. Players have devoted many hours to beating the traditional six-sided, 54-cube version of the puzzle. Mastering the 4800-panel monstrosity featured in the video below would likely be a full-time job.

As Gizmodo reports, the Atlasminx is the latest Rubik's-inspired creation from the YouTube channel corenpuzzle. Instead of six sides, this custom puzzle boasts 12 with edges that are nearly half a foot long. It was made by attaching 19 layers of 3D-printed plastic to a hollow core. The result is a 17-pound behemoth consisting of 4863 colored elements.

The sheer size of the contraption isn't the only thing that's challenging about solving this Rubik's Cube—or Rubik's dodecahedron, rather. The unusual shape makes it tricky to spin, so you likely won't see the Altasminx at any speed-cubing competitions. Master cubers may not be able to solve the puzzle in five seconds or less, but beating it at all would still be an impressive achievement.

You can see how the Atlasminx was made and how it works in this video from corenpuzzle. If you want to stick to the smaller toy you have on your desk at home, check out these tips for solving a traditional Rubik's Cube.

[h/t Gizmodo]