Watch—and Listen—to a Tortoise Snacking on Veggies in Adorable ASMR Video

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images / Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Tortoises are vegetarians (at least most of the time), and they like to snack on the same fruits and vegetables as people. Not only does a tortoise chowing down on a veggie platter look adorable, but as the video below demonstrates, it sounds incredibly pleasing.

Nerdist recently shared this clip of a hungry tortoise from the Animal ASMR YouTube channel. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it describes the tingling sensations some people have in response to certain sounds. Those sounds can be a person whispering into a microphone, papers shuffling together, or an adorable reptile eating a cube of fruit.

It takes the tortoise in the video more than eight minutes to devour the strawberry, blueberry, broccoli floret, and piece of pumpkin laid out in front of it. The microphones poking into the top half of the frame capture every satisfied crunch and nibble. The audio will only trigger ASMR in people who are sensitive to the phenomenon. If you don't experience the "brain tingles" that characterize ASMR, you may still enjoy watching the cuteness on display below.

Brain tingles aren't the only thing separating ASMR-capable listeners from the non-capable. Research suggests that the brains of people from the two groups may be wired differently. Here are more facts about autonomous sensory meridian response.

[h/t Nerdist]