5 Tips for Keeping Your House Pollen-Free

This doesn't have to be you.
This doesn't have to be you. / Moyo Studio/iStock via Getty Images

While pollen probably makes you think of spring, fall allergy sufferers know all too well that the problem doesn’t disappear when the weather starts to cool. Ragweed pollen in particular is known to wreak havoc during autumn.

Whatever the season, a crucial way to avoid the worst of allergies is to keep your house as pollen-free as possible. Here are five tips for doing that, courtesy of Forbes’s Houzz blog.

1. Keep your windows shut.

Though “airing out” your house sounds nice, sneeze-inducing particles are sure to hitch a ride on that lovely outdoor breeze. Keeping your windows (and doors) shut is a safer bet.

2. Don’t empty your vacuum indoors.

Being extra diligent about vacuuming during allergy season is a great idea, but all your hard work will be rendered moot if a cloud of allergens reenters the air when you transfer the waste to your kitchen trash can. Walk your vacuum outside and empty it into a bag there.

3. Don’t wear your outdoor clothes indoors.

Taking your shoes off at the door so you don’t track in pollen is a given, and changing outfits as soon as you get inside is worth the extra effort. If you were wearing something that exposed a lot of skin, taking a quick shower to rinse off wouldn’t hurt, either.

4. Rinse your hair before bed.

Even if you don’t hop in the shower right away, you probably should before you lay your pollen-y head on your pillow for the night. If you’re against washing your hair so often, Houzz’s Becky Harris recommends covering your hair with a scarf or a bandana before heading outside.

5. Clean your pet’s paws before letting them inside.

While bathing your dog or cat every time they enter the house almost definitely isn’t feasible, wiping down their paws should be. A quick full-body brush can help remove some pollen from their fur, too.

[h/t Forbes]