Turn Memos Into Jazz Masterpieces With This Musical Word Processor

Michael Blann/iStock via Getty Images
Michael Blann/iStock via Getty Images / Michael Blann/iStock via Getty Images

The sound of fingers clacking against a keyboard brings to mind tight deadlines and stuffy offices. Few people would describe the noise as musical, but a new online tool aims to change that. As Boing Boing reports, the JazzKeys word processor turns typing into a jazzy improvisation.

The audio design firm Plan8 published the website for anyone looking to spice up an otherwise mundane activity. When you're on the page, every keystroke produces a piano note. As you type full sentences, the notes come together to form a pleasant jazz melody. The final result is a unique composition based on what you typed and how fast you typed it.

JazzKeys is great for messing around on your work break, but it has some practical applications as well. If you like writing to music, using the tool as your word processor would be a great motivator; when you stop typing, the music stops as well. One of the coolest features of the website is that it creates links to recordings of your creation. That means you can send heartfelt messages to loved ones with unique music to go along with them.

In addition to free-form jazz, typists/musicians can create their songs in the styles of various albums, including My Romance, Blue in Green, The Köln Concert, and Peace Piece. The tool may not produce music on the level of jazz legends Bill Evans and Miles Davis, but it is a fun way to kill some time. You can try it out for yourself at jazzkeys.plan8.co.

[h/t Boing Boing]