This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Uses UV Light To Remove Bacteria And Viruses From Drinking Water

WAATR/Kickstarter / WAATR/Kickstarter
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Not all water bottles are created equal, but some—like this self-cleaning water bottle that's available as part of a Kickstarter campaign—are especially unique. Designed to purify water before you drink it, it could be a great option for outdoor enthusiasts or for anyone who wants to make sure they have clean drinking water.

Here's how it works: The WAATR bottle, which was created by Dr. Rakesh Guduru, uses a proprietary, state-of-the-art filtration and purification system. Referred to as "4D purification," it first treats water using two UV-C LED lights, which according to the brand, helps remove 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Then, when you get thirsty and want a swig from your bottle, the water passes through a filtration system made up of cartridges that take out chemicals, metals, and forms of matter. Once the water is fully filtered and purified, it's fortified with a blend of minerals, which the company claims will make each gulp taste "just like [artisan] water."


The bottle is available in six colors, and it's big enough that you could even put your phone or some keys into the container and use the LEDs (which are located in the cap) to sterilize other objects. It also comes with three types of filters: the Purist, the Artesian, and the Alkaline. Each one is made from activated coconut charcoal and contains ion-exchange resin, which can help reduce the water's hardness. You can ship used filters back to the company’s lab and for an additional $49, learn about what was removed from your water.

The campaign ends on Monday, October 4. So far, it has 1014 backers (and counting), who have helped raise $109,024 for it—a figure that far surpasses the initial funding goal of $9500. Still, you can show your support for WAATR through various tiers. For a simple “virtual high five,” you can contribute as much as you’d like. However, if you pledge $89 or more, you’ll receive a 25-ounce WAATR bottle with a purification cap and filtration cartridge, plus a charger, a TRIO filter pack, and a lifetime 10 percent off discount for filters. For a pledge of $129 during the early bird special or $169, you'll receive double these rewards and a 25 percent discount on filters. Pledge $194 or more during the early bird special, and you can receive triple the rewards and a lifetime 25 percent off filters. Lastly, donating $375 or more will net you a 10 percent off lifetime discount on filters and five times everything. According to the company, all items are expected to be shipped by March 2022.

Check out the WAATR bottle on Kickstarter before it ends, or be check out other crowdfunding projects like the Culla outdoor blanket, too.

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