The Heinz Packet Roller Ensures No Drop of Ketchup Gets Left Behind

Courtesy of Heinz
Courtesy of Heinz / Courtesy of Heinz

Many food brands are grappling with the wastefulness of their single-use condiment packets. Taco Bell recently announced plans to reduce its environmental impact by setting up a recycling program for used hot sauce packages. Heinz is taking a different approach to make its smallest ketchup containers more efficient. As Food & Wine reports, the company has unveiled the Heinz Packet Roller for consumers looking to squeeze their ketchup packets dry.

The device is the perfect solution for anyone looking to produce less plastic waste when they eat fast food. To use it, stick the sealed end of your open packet into the wide slot on the miniature ketchup bottle. Grab the packaging from the other side of the tool and pull it through the opening. As you do this, the gadget works like a steamroller to push every last drop of the condiment onto your plate. If you want to avoid grabbing a second ketchup packet unless you need it, the roller is a great way to get the most out of what you already have.

The pocket-sized Heinz bottle comes with a metal loop on the end, so you can attach it to your keychain and take it with you wherever you go. (Just make sure to wash it between uses.) It also features a packet corner cutter if you find opening the package just as tricky as getting the ketchup out of it. To purchase one for $5.70, head to Customers in the Pittsburgh area can also visit the sandwich shop Primanti's at Market Square to buy one while supplies last.

Using the Heinz Packet Roller may be the fastest way to get the condiment onto your fries. If you prefer the glass bottles, you'll have to wait for your ketchup to ooze out at a rate of .028 miles per hour. Here are more facts about ketchup you should know.

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