McDonald's is known for its burgers and fries, but the toys in every Happy Meal box are what draw many children to the chain. Some of the biggest names in kids' toys and entertainment—like Snoopy, Furbies, and Beanie Babies—have been shrunken down into fast-food trinkets. Customers who grew up with the first generation of Happy Meals in the 1980s may not order them from McDonald's today, but that doesn't mean they're too old for toys. As Nerdist reports, this line of mini action figures and boxes from The Toy Zone imagines what Happy Meals for adults would look like.

Each Happy Meal concept from the toy review site is inspired by a piece of 1980s pop culture. Some Happy Meals would fit nicely into McDonald's existing catalogue, like The Labyrinth-inspired box, which comes with a plastic David Bowie as the Goblin King Jareth. In the My Neighbor Totoro meal, a miniature Totoro plushie would come with every order.

Other concepts are less family-friendly. The Toy Zone's The Shining-inspired meal includes a Jack Torrance action figure, complete with an axe. Top Gun, Blade Runner, The Breakfast Club, The A-Team, and Knight Rider have been reimagined as Happy Meals as well. You can check out the concept art below.

Happy Meal inspired by Top Gun.

Happy Meal inspired by Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Happy Meal inspired by The A-Team.

Happy Meal inspired by The Breakfast Club.

Happy Meal inspired by Knight Rider.

Happy Meal inspired by My Neighbor Totoro.

Happy Meal inspired by Blade Runner.

Happy Meal inspired by Labyrinth.

You likely won't see these retro toys at McDonald's any time soon. In addition to spotlighting newer properties, the brand has started to phase out plastic materials in its Happy Meals. Vintage plastic toys will still be available as collector's items, some of which are worth big bucks online.

[h/t Nerdist]