Can You Spot the Ghost Lurking in These Hidden Image Puzzles?

Scroll down for the full images.
Scroll down for the full images. / Online Mortgage Advisor

While some people look forward to Halloween season so they can indulge in horror movie marathons and hunt for ghosts in haunted houses, others prefer the less intense version of the holiday: watching gently spooky movies and hunting for ghosts in pictures only.

If you fall into the latter camp, Online Mortgage Advisor has a hidden image puzzle that’ll suit your fancy. In each of the two illustrations below, there’s a friendly ghost lurking among the fixtures. After you think you’ve spotted them (or given up), keep scrolling to reveal the answers.

The jack-o'-lanterns are laughing at you.
The jack-o'-lanterns are laughing at you. / Online Mortgage Advisor
Whoever broke all those mirrors will have bad luck to last a lifetime.
Whoever broke all those mirrors will have bad luck to last a lifetime. / Online Mortgage Advisor

Even for people who firmly maintain that ghosts aren’t real, it’s hard to deny that some places do seem to have more than the average number of unexplained noises and other eerie occurrences. The Rhode Island farmhouse that inspired 2013’s The Conjuring, for example, has been terrorizing (or entertaining, depending on your outlook) guests for decades with what many believe to be paranormal activity, presumably thanks to the ghost of an alleged witch named Bathsheba Sherman.

Plenty of haunted houses, from Laura’s Cottage in Georgia to the Haunted Chamber Apartment in York, England, actually let you spend the night so you can investigate the goings-on for yourself.

But if you really believe that ghosts only exist in cute hidden image puzzles like this one, there are several scientific theories to back you up. Electromagnetic fields or infrasound could be the culprit, or even mold. There’s also the possibility that people just want to believe in the afterlife so bad that they’re unwittingly on the lookout for supporting evidence.


He knows Casper.
He knows Casper. / Online Mortgage Advisor
His name is Walter.
His name is Walter. / Online Mortgage Advisor