Play as One of Moira Rose's Wigs in This Schitt’s Creek Edition of Monopoly

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Schitt’s Creek gave fans more than enough memorable quotes and inside jokes to obsess over during the show's six-season run. And now, you can enjoy Moira's ostentatious wardrobe, Alexis's increasingly bizarre backstory, and David's unique brand of snark in a new way with this Schitt's Creek edition of Monopoly, which is now available to buy at The Op and pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $40.

Inside the box, you’ll find six player tokens in the shape of essential items to the Rose family: a crow, one of Moira’s wigs, a set of Rosebud Motel keys, David’s sunglasses, Patrick’s guitar, and Alexis’s pet turtle, Ted. As you make your way around the board, you can scoop up properties like the Rose Apothecary, Town Hall, and Bob’s Cabin. Just like in classic Monopoly, your goal is to build on those properties and become the town's pre-eminent real-estate tycoon.

In addition to the Schitt's Creek property names and tokens, both Chance and Community Chest have been replaced with “Hello You” and “Love That Journey For You” cards that reference memorable moments from the series. (You can earn a cool $25 if you pick up the card featuring Moira singing “Danny Boy,” for example.)

The Op

Get your copy of Monopoly: Schitt’s Creek at The Op or Entertainment Earth, and make sure to check out the upcoming behind-the-scenes book about Schitt’s Creek written by co-creators and father-son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy.

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