Want To Make Jack-o’-Lantern Carving Less Messy? Use This Trick for Removing Pumpkin Pulp

rez-art/iStock via Getty Images
rez-art/iStock via Getty Images / rez-art/iStock via Getty Images

Making a jack-o'-lantern is a messy process. In order to turn your pumpkin into a blank canvas for a spooky masterpiece, you first need to remove the seeds and guts clogging up the inside. If you'd rather use your hands for carving than scooping out slimy pulp, try this tip from Southern Living's TikTok page.

As this video demonstrates, you can quickly and neatly gut a pumpkin using tools you likely already have at home. Start by carving a circle around the stem of your gourd and removing the top like you normally would. Next, grab a power drill and the beater attachment of an electric hand mixer. Stick the beater into the front of the drill like you would with a drill bit.

Now you have an electric beater you can use to dig around tight spaces, like the inside of a pumpkin. The tool loosens the pulp from the inner walls so that everything slides out cleanly when it's time to tip it over the trash can or compost bin. Just make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies with the beater so you won't have to use your hands later.

Once your pumpkin is clean, all you have to worry about is carving the best design possible. Keeping a water bottle nearby is one way to keep the fruit moist and workable during the process. Here are more expert tips for carving an impressive jack-o'-lantern this Halloween.

[h/t Southern Living]