This Quiz Will Help You Pick the Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Pet

Ted Lassie.
Ted Lassie. / Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Dressing as Ted Lasso might make you a hit at a Halloween party. Dressing your dog as Ted Lasso, on the other hand, is guaranteed to do so.

But is the optimistic, pun-loving soccer coach really the perfect costume for a dog who refuses to play fetch, prefers strollers to strolling, and would roll their eyes at all your corny jokes if dogs understood corny jokes?

Maybe not. If choosing a costume that matches your pet is a priority for you this Halloween, Pumpkin Pet Insurance has a quiz that can help. It starts out easy: Are you dressing a cat or dog? Then, you’ll progress through a series of questions that paint a full picture of your beloved four-legged companion’s personality, so to speak. Which celebrity would your cat most identify with: LeBron James, Taylor Swift, or Gordon Ramsay (among other options)? Is your puppy’s general vibe more silly and outgoing, or chill and indulgent? Does your cat’s idea of a good time entail taking a bath or jet-setting? (Sitting in your suitcase counts as jet-setting.)

Could double as a Dementor.
Could double as a Dementor. / Pumpkin Pet Insurance

After you’ve answered all the questions, Pumpkin Pet Insurance will reveal the ideal get-up for your pet. If you’ve got a regal feline on your hands with all the poise and authority of a queen, that get-up might be Queen Elizabeth II, as seen in Netflix’s The Crown. If your pampered pooch has a flair for style and design, maybe you should deck them out head to toe in black—just like Kim Kardashian’s most recent Met Gala ensemble (minus the face mask).

You can take the quiz here. And if you end up deciding not to shimmy your pet into any outfit this year, that’s OK, too. After all, not every animal appreciates playing dress-up.