This Custom LEGO Coffee Maker Makes Mornings More Playful

Rawf8/iStock via Getty Images
Rawf8/iStock via Getty Images / Rawf8/iStock via Getty Images

As they get older, many kids-at-heart hold on to their love of LEGO. One thing that may change is the type of creations they build with the toy bricks. This robotic LEGO coffee machine may not appeal to younger builders, but to caffeine-hooked adults, it's a thing of beauty.

In the video below—first spotted by Nerdist—LEGO YouTuber Brick Science puts together a LEGO coffee maker that's both cool and functional. The gadget he builds doesn't actually brew the coffee—he already has a commercial coffee machine to do that for him. Instead, it completes every other step required to turn water and coffee grounds into a drinkable pot of Joe.

To make coffee in the morning, the device starts by opening the top of the machine. A motorized pump draws water out of a plastic bottle to fill the reservoir, while another motor adds a scoop of coffee grounds. Finally, the LEGO coffee maker hits the "on" button to finish the job.

Brick Science's custom build is significantly more complicated than your average LEGO set. Four LEGO Technic motors were required to make it run, and they had to be programmed perfectly to get the components in the right places at the right time. It's not as practical as running your coffee machine the old-fashioned way, but it definitely makes groggy mornings more fun.

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[h/t Nerdist]