Reminder: You Can't Sell Your Soul on eBay

No souls for sale here.
No souls for sale here. / Steven Arnold, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 3.0

Since it was founded in 1995, eBay has served as the flea market of the internet. Everything from haunted dolls to Happy Meal toys has been listed on the auction site. It may be the place to bid on items you can't find anywhere else, but the company still has its standards. As NBC San Diego reports, one thing you can't sell on eBay is your soul.

Would-be sellers have put eBay's obscure policy to the test numerous times. In 2012, “Lori N.” of New Mexico received bids as high as $400 for her “slightly used soul” before the post was taken down. Her offer came with a certificate of authenticity and a Carfax-style report of her soul's history, both the good and bad.

Earlier that year, a 20-year-old eBay user from Seattle attempted to auction off his soul to the highest bidder. He described it as “hardly used… [a]s of now, it is near mint condition, with only minor scratches.” A British musician tried the same stunt in an effort to raise funds for his band in 2008. He valued his soul at a buy-now price of £700,000, or a starting bid of £25,000.50.

The sale of souls is banned from eBay because it violates their “no item listings" policy. According to the rule, all listings must include either a physical item or service the seller can deliver upon the sale. Even if the seller considers their soul a physical object, eBay still refuses to list it. The company stated in 2000, “[...] if the soul does exist then, in accordance with eBay's policy on human parts and remains, we would not allow the auctioning of human souls.”

There is a way around the policy; if you claim the soul you're selling is possessing a physical object, then you can get away with auctioning it off on the site. Here are some of the more unusual supposedly haunted items people have tried to sell on eBay.

[h/t NBC San Diego]