This Fashion Brand Lets Shoppers Choose How Much Money Goes to Charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sleeper / Sleeper
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October is known as internationally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are many ways to observe this month, from learning more about breast cancer prevention to contributing directly to foundations dedicated to helping those in need. It can also be a good time to shop from brands that are focused on giving back. One, in particular, is Sleeper, an apparel brand specializing in pajamas. For the past five years, Sleeper has been hosting a sale on its pink items, with the proceeds going to Kvitna, a charitable foundation that aims to help diagnose breast cancer early and try to reduce the mortality rate in the Ukraine.

From now through Sunday, October 31, you can get up to 30 percent off select items during Sleeper’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month sale. But unlike other traditional sales, this one is a little different, because you get to decide how big your discount is, and how much is contributed from your order to charity. You can give between 10 percent to 40 percent total to Kvitna.


Here's how it works: Once you go to your cart, a slide bar appears that says, "You can decide how much of product discount goes to charity." Use the toggle to decide how to divide between your discount and how much is given to charity. The highest amount you can give yourself is 30 percent, so at least 10 percent is guaranteed to be donated to the charity. You can also opt for the other end of the spectrum and give all 40 percent to Kvitna and not receive any discount yourself.

There are plenty of pink items to choose from during this sale, including slippers, children’s clothes, and more. The brand’s signature style is its feather-cuffed Party Pajama sets, which ordinarily retail for $290. During this event, you can get a pair for as low as $203, so you could save as much as $87, with 10 percent of the proceeds still going toward Kvitna. The pink set with red trim is also available in the sale, along with the Boudoir pants with pink and fuzzy feather hems. These pants are usually $250, but during this sale, they drop to as low as $175, so you could save up to $75.

Explore all the pink products during Sleeper’s breast cancer awareness month sale and don't forget to learn more about Kvitna while you do.

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